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The mobile design project Locusono allows one to hear stories, and sounds from their location. By linking a Global Positioning System (GPS) location to a pre-recorded audio file, Locusono weaves both together into a new and immersive experience, using sound to engage people through listening and walking. Locusono is a divining rod that connects the participant to a space has been augmented with other sound. People will be able to hear stories, sounds, and conversations made and placed at different locations that users would seek out and find by going on a walk with their smartphone and a pair of headphones.

About the Project

Previously, I implemented a similar idea with two other artists using FM radios. URBANtraces used low-power FM transmitters located in a transitional neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland. Using a radio, participants listened to recordings created by other participants who live or work in the neighborhood, as they walked through the neighborhood. Similarly, users will record and hear recordings using Locusono, but these stories will be linked to GPS coordinates to give the recording a “place”, as if it were a monument in a city park. After it is recorded, any other user would be able to find this recording when they arrive at its location. The use of this application will create a resource for sharing stories about a community, and the history of an area. Also, it will allow people to become part of a collective body of participants listening and sharing, to learn and inform others about its rich and multifaceted stories.

The central component of this project is directed towards my personal desire to create a way for anyone to listen or share stories with anyone else in their region or the world. My idealistic vision is a utopia of understanding between people but I realize that this mode does not go far. I start as an artist and I create projects that are connected to the physical environment. When real people interact with the project and cities become involved, my role seems to morph and the black dilineating lines of artist practice, urban planning, social activist become much more gray and blur out. Many times I have had to realign my self and this project because I am a person who produces culture objects and situations. While this project may facets could be frames in many of the disciplines in the humanities I understand that I am riding on this thin line. I don’t mean to be an activist, business person, communications specialist, urban planner or architect. I am a artist and a designer building an interactive virtual space where people can share their own ideas.