This was a collaboration with  Benjamin Gaydos.

Happen:Stance encourages the investigation of the physical, conceptual and emotional geography of Flint, stimulating dialogue, and presents an allegory for seeing place in different contexts by creating an exploratory system that is both virtual and real.

As artists, designers and creative thinkers we are both interested in the cognitive contrasts of our work in the public space and how audience can react and “play” with it. For the Free City event we will create a series of anamorphic glyphs in the event area that are drawn from recorded conversations of community members about the future of Flint. These topo – typographical objects are designed so that from particular angles they would appear as abstract objects and from others they reveal readable text. QR codes mark the location where readable text appears. This code contains audio that when scanned with a smartphone, a person hears the recording that was used to create the phrase(s) in the glyphs.