Design and Cities

There is so much to be learned from the cities that we live in and experience. From sounds and visual impressions to personal interactions on the streets. Living in Mid-Michigan in a post-carbon city has allowed me to further examine this place and learn first hand by living in the center of what it hopes to be one of its saving graces; a newly built urban center.  I believe there are other ways to think about city futures but observing this version of urban development has been a interesting, depressing, inspiring and educational.

I compiled a group of articles that I have been reading that are associated with these topics. Please share and distribute.

Cities Spaces and Spaces for Design

by Rogério de Paula


Lowercase Strategies in Public Sound Art: celebrating the transient audience

by Peter Batchelor

Mapping Marginality

by Denis Wood

An Internet of Things

by Keller Easterling

Digital Public Spaces

Edited by Drew Hemment

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